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The Event:   Addicted 2 LAN Gaming/LANaholics

Who:   Anyone wishing to have an awesome gaming party time!

D-Day:   Saturday, March 1st starting at noon until everyone has had their fill of fragging or Sunday at 6:00 p.m. latest

Battleground:    At the home of Black_Knight & BlackRose in Godley, Illinios.
Contact us to come! We will get you the address!

Cost::    $10

Questions:    Do not let doubt or a simple
question stop you from coming. Please contact us!

House Rules:    No speakers, headphones only!
No one under 18, without parent . legal guardian consent. If you are under 16, you must have someone over 18 with you at all times.

What to bring:   

  • Bring your own computer, including system, monitor, keyboard & mouse

  • 10/100 Ethernet card (minimum)

  • Headphones, no speakers allowed. PERIOD!

  • Power Strip, surge protectors (multi outlet)

  • Don't leave home without it! We will give you only 1 outlet you can plug two things into. (Two things being your CPU & monitor)

  • A good thirst for kicking butt

  • Extra parts/tools (CDs, network cards, modems, memory, HD, etc...)

  • A small inventory list of what you bring; just in case there are mix-ups

  • All your game CD's

  • Your Windows and Drivers disks/CD's

  • A body bag.... for you, or your favorite enemy

  • Pillows, blankets, sleeping bag, teddy bears, etc...

  • Money... A few bucks for food and stuff.

  • Your parents (if you are a minor, we need to talk with them & they need to sign the waiver.)

  • You should bring your own drinks and snacks as well

What not to bring:

  • Power speakers, UPS, back up systems (these drain to much power)

  • Drugs, Adult related material (porn), viruses, cheating codes or software, illegal software

  • No weapons, no guns, knives, swords, etc... (with or without permit)

Things to do before coming:

  • Scan for viruses

  • Back up all your files

  • Make sure you have a working system

  • If you are having problems, we will try our best to help you.


Sleep:    You can either rent a Motel or you can set up a tent outside and use a blow up mattress, sleeping bag or bed roll. You may sleep in your seat, if the need arises.

Games played:    Any game you want. All the major games are played. If you are  interested in bringing a server,  PLEASE, e-mail staff  before you bring it. Here is a list of games we have seen played.

Tournaments:    To be announced.  Information will be posted as the registered gamers have requested! Let us know what you want in our forums!

Contact us to come! We will get you the address! See Who's Coming

Final Comments:    This should go without saying... PLEASE, show respect for the staff, the facilities, and your fellow gamers. Always remember, you can kick butt on screen, but we reserve the right to kick out anyone who gets out of hand. Unless you are paying to bring your maid with you, PLEASE, pick up after yourself. This is very much appreciated. Hope you can make it & have a fantastic time!





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